Handylift Hydraulic

Handylift Hydraulic

The Handylift Hydraulic is Proteus’ most versatile lifter, with a huge array of keys and accessories available to tackle the more unusual covers that other lifters simply won’t lift. We can also tailor the lifter itself to suit individual needs, altering frame and wheel sizes if required.

Whether your covers are internal, block-paved, Gatic or split triangle, we will be able to provide a Handylift Hydraulic kit to lift them quickly and safely, protecting operatives from back & finger injury and removing all physical strain from the lifting process.

The lifter has a safe working load of 1.5 tonnes and, with the right selection of keys and spreaders, is capable of lifting all types of covers up to 900mm x 900mm keyspan. The Texas Hydraulic is a physically larger version of the lifter which can lift bigger covers up to 1200 x 1200mm keyspan.

Both the standard and Texas lifters can also be offered in ‘Ultra-Duty’ variants – these come with a thicker lifting beam for particularly heavy covers.

The Handylift Hydraulic can be carried fully assembled in a van or large car boot, and can also be disassembled quickly and easily to fit in smaller spaces. Re-assembly of the lifter is easy and takes less than 30 seconds.

For more information download the product sheet (right sidebar).

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Lifter Hire

As well as purchase, we can offer Handylift Hydraulic or Texas Hydraulic kits for weekly rental, with prices from £175 per week complete with a full range of keys and accessories. Please call or email for details.
CALL; 01284 753954

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