Hot box sales & hire

Asphalt Hot Boxes are essentially large ovens used for maintaining the temperature of asphalt, and Proteus has been helping utilities and contractors since 1985 when we introduced the first Hot Box to the UK. Now more than 20 years on we are able to offer the benefit of our experience coupled with a vast range of units to suit all requirements.

All our Hot Boxes are British-built asphalt containers, with hoses and fittings complying to British Standards.

There are three main categories of tarmac Hot Box, with various models in each. In addition we also have three more ‘special’ Box types. Please click one of the links in order to find out more about the different models available in that category:

These boxes are available in various capacities to suit different sizes of vehicle. All our demountable units use our clean-burning, gentle thermostatically-controlled gas heating system.

Proteus now offers two models of towable, trailer-mounted asphalt Hot Box, available to purchase, or for long-term and short-term hires. We have been producing the current HB2T model for over ten years, and have been selling trailer-mounted Hot Boxes in various guises since the 1990s.

These are tipping tarmac Hot Boxes permanently fixed with integral subframe and Harsh tipping gear, to create a dedicated road repair vehicle. We offer various capacities of asphalt container to suit different truck sizes.

A Proteus static Hot Box is the ideal way to reduce costs on small blacktop works. They allow you to buy materials in bulk, store them on-site or in your yard, then load out into your own vehicles as and when you need them and in the quantities you need them.

Micro Hot Boxes are ultra-portable electric asphalt containers for small reinstatements. When used in conjunction with a larger Hot Box, they can completely negate the need to use costly cold lay material on these sorts of jobs.

Despite the name, cold lay material is easiest to use when it is slightly warm. If left to go truly cold, it can become tough and unworkable, and with this in mind we have developed the new ‘Warm Box for Cold Lay’.