Hot Skip

Hot Skip

The Proteus Hot Skip is essentially the lower half of a Hot Box in a Hook lift skip.We use the same low-pressure propane gas burner system that we use in our mobile Hot Boxes to get an even heat distribution over the floor of the skip.

The Hot Skip offers flexibility over a standard Hot Box, as customers can easily transport breakout material inside the unit once the hot asphalt has been used. The smaller model is designed so that you can have on-site deliveries direct into the skip.

We also offer units where it would be possible to drive a small skid steer into the skip on site, making it function like a miniature static Hot Box.

Demountable Hot Box HIRE

We have various models of demountable tarmac Hot Box available to hire for periods as short as two weeks, with rates starting at £120 per week. We have single and dual compartment models available, with capacities ranging from 1.8 tonnes up to 9 tonnes of material.

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