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A brief history of Proteus:

1985 – Proteus Equipment is established, based in Bury St Edmunds in the East of England, and launches the Hot Box concept in the UK.

1986 – Proteus launches its first generation of manhole cover lifters. We have since gone on to develop the concept and now offer a range of different lifters.

1990 – Proteus launches its Danish-manufactured Asphalt Duvets – these are still big sellers today. They are ideal for keeping extra heat in the asphalt while being very light & easy to handle when compared with a standard tarpaulin.

1991 – Proteus introduces its first “Friendly Fluids” for asphalt – Bitukleen & Bituslip (since replaced by Bituslide).

1995 – Proteus develops a patented Asphalt Mixer. Recently a new larger model has been launched – see the Polybatcher section for details.

2007 – This year saw a number of significant developments for Proteus, most importantly the acquisition of the Elston/WTC Hot Box business. The takeover boosted Proteus’ hire fleet and sales range of propane-fueled Boxes to include Elston’s diesel, kerosene and new electric-powered Static and Mobile models. Also new for 2007 was a new asphalt release agent called Bituslide, which was a significant improvement on the old Bituslip product.

2008 – New products this year were a modified version of the Handylift Swinger manhole lifter designed to tackle BT carriageway covers, and the Micro Hot Box and Warm Box for Cold Lay.

2009 – Our first self-tipping Hot Box featuring its own integral tipping gear is built. This gives you all the benefits of gravity discharge on a flatbed vehicle.

2012 – Proteus takes the self-tipping Hot Box concept and implements it in a towable model. Other new products are Gussfix HAF asphalt fluid, and the Patch Heater.

Innovative products for demanding environments.