Bituslide is the ‘asphalt release agent’ from Proteus. Its ideal use is for coating the back of 8-wheelers before loading at the asphalt plant to enable bituminous materials to discharge freely and without sticking. This of course saves you time and money that would otherwise be spent cleaning down the vehicle once the load has been used. And, like all our fluids for asphalt, Bituslide is environmentally friendly and poses no hazard to health.

We have conducted vigorous testing in conjunction with Tarmac, and Bituslide has been shown to significantly reduce the tendency for sticky bitumen to adhere to the clean vehicle body, especially when transporting polymer-modified mixes. Bituslide will be useful for big contractors loading their own vehicle fleets at their plants, or just for independent contractors looking to save time and keep their vehicle clean. It can also be used to line RAP chutes during the recycling process.

Some asphalt plants have also purchased dedicated spray kits that hook up to Bituslide containers, and we have a variety of spraying options available. Also be sure to check out our environmentally-friendly bitumen dissolving fluid, Bitukleen.

Static Hot Box Hire

All our static hot boxes are available for hire as well as to buy, for periods as short as six weeks. We also offer beneficial rates for long-term hires. If you have a requirement and would like to get a rental quote, just give us a call or send an email.

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